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Liberation Theatre Work



Benefits to the Local Community:
Helps to begin a dialogue among youth in each of the communities where youth
feel safe to speak about what matters to one another.
  Youth recognize that they have something to say and something to
  contribute to building a vision for their community and defining the
  issues. ​
  Assists youth to build friends and allies among themselves so that they
  feel they can speak to others in the community about what affects
  Provides all youth with an intense experience of inclusion where each
  begins to understand the experience of other youth in a direct and
  personal way.  Increases awareness of the issues of marginalization.

  Assists youth to find artistic expression to complex social dynamics and
  power dynamics.
  Assists youth to begin problem solving some of the issues they
  experience in an “all youth forum” where they feel they can experiment
  with new possibilities for action.

  Local Facilitators learn what it takes to create a safe place for youth to
  explore the circumstances of their lives.
  Local youth gain leadership experience by offering Forum Theatre to other youth in their community. 



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