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    LifePath Coaching 

​ I  am passionate about supporting individuals to get the most out of their lives and boldy go after what they really want in life. I  aim to facilitate conversations that help people to gain insight by reflecting on what is getting in the way of what they want and who they want to be. I work closely with people as they make clear and doable plans for transforming the day to day aspects of their lives. 


As a Coach, I enjoy watching   individuals take charge of their lives and make meaningful changes that enrich their most intimate relationships.


Through my work and training in storytelling, theatre, narrative approaches and trauma counselling, there is an enlivening quality to  the conversations I help people to have. 


Mediation Work:
I offer mediation to families who need guidance to work through conflict and misunderstandings between themselves. I help them to come to a shared agreement on how to proceed forward.


I offer mediation to organizations who need someone who is able to help bring clarity to points of conflict among staff teams. I have also been brought in to create more useful dialogue among staff teams who have become unable to work effectively together. 

Some organizations bring me in to help sort things through between themselves and the families of the people they support.


The story and narrative retreat was a fabulous experience from beginning to end: soulful, completely engaging, new personal awarenesses and insights, a deeper understanding of the role of one’s own story and those of others in being with one another in a deeply meaningful way.  Not to be missed if the opportunity arises.

Peter Dill 

LifePath  Independent Facilitation

A basic principle of independent Facilitation is that it be free of any conflicts of interest. I am not employed by local service providers and have no financial resources or programs to offer families. 

I believe people who have a disability and their families can define and prioritize their own needs. I believe that people can make choices and direct their lives with support.  I support people within the context of their families to take the next step whatever that might be in order to take up their full citizenship and create a meaningful life in the community. 

I work with individuals to broaden their social network and re-imagine their lives. I believe that relationships are the only real safeguard in people's lives.  Some of those I support decide to create a circle of support around them so that they can deepen their existing relationships and have others to support them in making key decisions. I support parents and siblings to broaden their social networks as well.​

Many people that I support ask me to help them design custom made solutions to meeting their needs through direct funding. I am able to assist with hiring, training and mentoring support workers and creating a home of their own.

As a Facilitator I am committed to building capacity. I assist people and their families to be fully engaged in the process of change. My role is to ensure that people are growing and learning in the process of taking the next steps. 

This entails developing a meaningful trust relationship with those I support and developing their ability to speak their mind and/or find a way to make their needs and wants known. 

I believe that planning is a process that involves several conversations over time and that a written plan offers only a snapshot in time. Constant and ongoing evaluation of what is working and what is not is central to the process.

Mentoring Conversations 

I have over 22 years of experience as an Independent Facilitator. I offer mentoring and job shadowing to  Independent Facilitators that are interested in deepening their practice and taking up the role in a more conscious and intentional manner.






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